Projects: Tom Baumgartner & Scott Bennett



Collaborations, especially ones involving long-term projects, will take unexpected twists and turns. Sometimes these changes put you on a better path. For the sake of fitting into the project as a whole as well as working within given resources, Scott and I have made a course correction.

The new direction will be 6 pieces, inked, digitally colorized and printed for display in 6 separate light boxes. 6 moments in time derived from one of 11 million years in Scott's research showing the creation of the Gulf of California. Geologic data can show where and when landforms were in the past but can only guess at the topological aspects during that time. Using hints from present topological maps and the work of paleogeography scientists like Ron Blakey we'll try to approximate what the terrain looked like millions of years ago.


In December, the group took a tour of the The University of Arizona Museum of Art to get a feel for the space and to solidify things with the museum director and curator. This also put a timeline into perspective. The show will open in December of 2018. This works well for Scott and I since in a way, we are just starting out on the project.