Projects: Chip Hedgcock & Mark A. Dimmitt


Our project is in the early stages and we’re still zeroing on the actual story and subject matter we will use in the collaboration. We seem to be moving more towards diaphanous plants. From Mark:

Desert plants include a few distinctive lifeforms that are rare or absent in other habitats. Succulents and annuals are the most obvious, and there is a third that almost no one has recognized. Nearly all plants from mesic habitats have dense canopies of large leaves; you can’t see through them. In contrast, deserts have numerous diaphanous plants – those that are so open-structured that you can easily see through them. Some are so fine-textured that they’re difficult to focus your eyes or camera on. We want to showcase some of the plants that make the Sonoran Desert special.

The actual art product might be lumen prints which I’ve been developing techniques for over the last few years but we're still approaching what medium to use with an open mind.

"Cottonwood Imperial Dam"
- Chip Hedgcock
- Chip Hedgcock
"Willow Canyon Bouquet"
- Chip Hedgcock